Mary, Mary

Theatre Mensch, 2017

Mary, Mary is an ambitious play that fits A LOT into its hour duration. ★ ★ ★ ★
— Female Arts

On a dark and stormy night during the “Year Without Summer,” a young Mary Shelley, challenged by Byron, sets out to write the ultimate horror. In the turmoil of Mary’s mind, past and present blur, and the created becomes the creator.

Devised by the company using innovative storytelling techniques, Mary, Mary examines the crossroads of biology, biography and inspiration through the lives of two of Britain’s greatest female minds, Mary Shelley and her mother, feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft.

Now considered the mother of feminist philosophy, Wollstonecraft led a radically unconventional life, eventually marrying political philosopher William Godwin at St Pancras Church. After Wollstonecraft died, while giving birth to Mary in Somers Town, Godwin’s obsession with preserving her legacy gave Mary a thorough education in her mother’s philosophical writings and infamous lifestyle.

In a family of women ahead of their time, Mary is confronted with ghosts of her past, and grapples with the ultimate question – what happens when the dead come back to life? Theatre Mensch premiere their new work marking 200 years since Mary Shelley started writing her Gothic masterpiece, Frankenstein, and celebrating the lives of an extraordinary mother and daughter who never had the chance to know one another.