The League of Youth

Riot Act, Theatre N16, 2016

Director | Whit Hertford

Designer | Ben Jacobs

Production |Beatrice Galloway, Haeleigh Royall

Cast | Cheska Hill-Wood, Chris Spyrides. Haeleigh Royall, Helen Bang, Jak Ford-Lane, Martin South, Niall Bishop, Sean Earl McPherson, Sukh Kaur Ojla

 After the play by Henrik Ibsen.

Sten Stensgard is the new guy in the office, but he won’t let that define him. Determined to move up in the world, Sten will do anything to get ahead - blackmail, lie, cheat and even fall in love. Amidst a controversial office election, ideologies clash in a new version of Ibsen’s dark comedy about the intersection of personality and politics in only it’s third production in the UK. A blisteringly relevant and razor sharp dissection of cultural and professional revolution where old institutions are forced to face the radical new.